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The Blessed and The Damned

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Late last month I published my first e-Book. Needless to say it was a work of love. It's now available for many different platforms and is awaiting the approval for the Smashwords premium catalog which will open even more distribution opportunities. I would like to thank darke_conteur, kmarkhoover, and quill_quirks for giving excellent critiques on the story. If you would like to learn more about "The Blessed and the Damned" just look below. I hope you will take a look at it.
The Blessed & The Damned

Main Content:

11,146 words/ about 45 pages.

Includes extra content:

Behind the Scenes, Kuwar, Character Interview, and Cover Evolution.

Genre: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

Available: Amazon - US, Amazon - UK, Amazon - Germany, Barnes and Noble.com, Smashwords.com

Price: $ .99

When her twin sister kidnaps her daughter, Lorna Jassan must return to a city she hates in order to find the daughter she loves. Her mission forces her to seek help from a man she never wanted to see again. In the midst of her search, Lorna must keep a sixteen-year-old secret hidden, but the city has secrets of its own. Can Lorna unravel them in time to rescue her daughter and escape?

An excerpt from "The Blessed and the Damned":

Sheridan studied her for a moment, then nodded. Using his oar, he pushed them away from the Virgin Saint. The sailor pulled a small round device from his pocket. He fumbled with it, twisting two levers one way then the other. The man glimpsed over his shoulder then pointed with two hard jerks of his hand to the northeast. Sheridan held his oar steady. The sailor pulled on his oar and brought the bow around. They rowed in unison. The dark shapes of the oars lifted out of the water and then fell, whispering through the water again as the men pulled back on the oars. The boat glided further away from the ship.

In short time the Virgin Saint disappeared behind them. The fog lanterns were nothing more than a flame on the horizon. Then they too faded, their magic unable to pierce further into the fog, like starlight against the rising sun. All around them bells rung, alerting them to unseen danger. The oars smacked against the water in an unbroken rhythm as the small boat traversed unseen among the giants of the ocean.

Lorna huddled in the back of the boat, her eyes fixed on where they were going. She wrapped her arms around herself to stave off the chill. Johra was out there. Kuwar was out there. And somewhere concealed in the fog was the past she had hoped to leave behind. It waited for her return and Lorna knew it was time to face it. May the goddesses look after her indeed.

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