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Story Outlining / Plotting
Syd Fields

Dan Wells

For further reading: Story Engineering by Larry Brooks


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Is this similar to the process you use? I've been writing more fiction over the last two years, and my process is a bit less complex. I just think through the main plot points (roughly in the typical plot curve structure) and then begin to write. But then again, the type of fiction I've been writing tends to be fairly simple: limited to just a handful of characters and one location, most often. I suppose if you had to balance more information, you'd want to be more detailed.

Hi Alyce,

This is the process I am going to start using. I have several books on plotting and this is the first method that has really made me believe it will work for me. I just feel it's the right path.

I will not be using it by itself though. I will use it along with the Marshal Plan to create the big picture aspect of my work and use the Scene Book to create the smaller scene dynamics.

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